Written in the stars: Burn the bad with the Pink Full Moon in Libra

I have waited for this for a while now. We are on the brink of a new Pink Full Moon and this one is close to my heart, not only to my astro-mind. As a Libra Moon myself, I do understand this emotional need to be in a (perfect) balance with the other, the pursuit of relationships that are based on equal give and take. Anything that is imbalanced and treacherous hurts me to the core. Only through the mirroring eyes of the other, I become whole, again and again.

I am so used to work with the Moon (I was born on a Monday as well and my natal chart is governed by the Moon – Cancer ascendant) so having to feel her different energies when she changes signs is quite a marvelous exploration. This Moon manifestation is rather intelectual, mind-based and masculine (Libra) whereas the Moon is born watery and feminine in nature (her original home is in nurturing Cancer). And with its Full capacity, mind will overcome heart for many of us. Time for those toxic ties to break and our lives to move on lighter.

This Pink Full Moon is due to climax on Wednesday evening and night (April 5th) while opposing the fire energies of Aries mid-season. Chiron (the wounded healer) conjuncts the Sun by 1 degree, near expansive Jupiter, all three majestic entities transiting impulsive Aries and speaking in a rough conversation with the harmonious Moon.

I have prepared some short examples of Moon work to guide you through this cycle without taking much of your time. At the end, we’re closing with your favourite part, the life sector this Full Moon touches.

Meditate and then write on the following themes *** What are the relational wounds within myself that are mirrored in how the other treats me? What do I have to forgive and heal within me to attract more harmonious events, places, experiences, people? How can I serve/show up better in my relationships and 1-to-1 partnerships?

Libra is about equality after all. How can you bring more equality in this chaotic, almost heartless world? Choose a cause of your heart and donate your money or your time. My current go-to-cause is Kola Kariola, an organisation saving animals and giving them back health and shelter and most of all, LOVE. Donate here for the dogs’ weekly food. You have enough, help them survive as well.

For all women out there, as a medical astrologer as well, I must advise you to drink plenty of herbal teas and water to detox the intense fire and air energies. Under this Full Moon in Libra, the kidneys, lumbar and endocrine system (including adrenals) are under fire. All these body parts and ecosystems are governed by sensual, harmonious Libra. You might also try to do some yoga or walk in a park, as Libra is also dealing with our balancing postures.

Crystal to work with: the yellowish, happy citrine.

If you identify relationships you are ready to release, try a simple cord-cutting ritual. Prepare a bowl filled with pink salt and stick two candles facing each other. Preferably pink as well in colour. Then write your name on one candle and the other’s name on the other. Tie them with a rope. Say a prayer of gratitude for what that person and relationship brought to your life and ask guidance for letting him/her go in divine grace. Then light both candles and as they burn down, watch the rope get lit and break the bond between you. Leave the candles burn until they reach the salt. Thank the Divine for the assistance and move on with your evening (and life 🙂 Be careful and do this near a water resources or on your balcony.

How this Full Moon touches you (check your Sun sign and Ascendant):

*Aries: relationships, balance, equal give and take, contracts and love commitments;

* Taurus: work, colleagues, work-life balance and routines, pets;

*Gemini: love, sexuality, creativity, kids (first born);

*Cancer: family, home, relationship with your most nurturing parent, home environment or family you created;

*Leo: communication, siblings, the words you tell to yourself;

*Virgo: self-worth, the money you make, the self-image;

*Libra: the self, the body, how others perceive you;

*Scorpio: karma, past lives, releasing the old, ideas that need to be cleared from your head;

*Sag: communities, friends, how you belong to groups;

*Capricorn: career, purpose, ascension;

*Aqua: beliefs, religious/dogma, spiritual pursuits, long travels or studies;

*Pisces: intimacy, sexuality, death and taxes, money others owe you or karma release

Until the next lunation, I send you warm thoughts!


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