Written in the stars: Pluto(n) and The Renaissance of the people

It took me a while to get down to writing this specific article on the major shifts in astrology as I was launching my substack and Linkedin newsletters and going through my long healing journey as well.

But here it is, after many of you have asked for my thoughts on Pluto(n) moving into Aquarius and all the fuss that’s really going mainstream, with some astrologers pushing a fear-based agenda just to be front-center. Well, I am a rational, practical astrologer and I do believe in the magic of the life we are making for ourselves. I always look at transits and stories of planets and birth charts through my own experience and informed filters.

So this exercise with Pluto could not be different. 

I remember like it was yesterday. I was sitting breathless, on the top of Mouros Castle in Sintra/Portugal after climbing its huge rocky stairs in a couple of minutes. My brother had just called me to let me know that our mother’s biopsy indicated advanced cancer. It was around his birthday too. Back then I was starting my extensive traveling phase and pretty much was out of the magical, ezoteric side of life, while immersing myself in overwork and the corporate dreams. It was 2008 and now knowing what I know, Pluto was stepping into Capricorn, a placement it stayed in for 15 years. I am a Cap Sun – Cancer Ascendant so after simple math, this Pluto in Cap reformed my 1st house (who I am) and 7th house (my relationships, lovers, contracts, “the others”). It was a brutal experience, I tell you. Nothing and I mean nothing I was in 2008 is now present in me, maybe only a pale reminder.

This is what Pluto does: multiple deaths and rebirths until we become what’s needed of us. We all have a divine mission here.

For me it started with my mother’s cancer (she is ok now today) and continued with a lot of transformative experiences, both with health, work and relationships. I was forced to bring understanding and adaptability to whatever was happening to me and most of all, learn that nothing is forever, not the good, not the bad. 

Now that Pluto is preparing to give me (and all capricorns) a break for the next 20 years while dancing in and out of Aqua-Capricorn this year and in 2024, my thoughts are going to: what will it be like for us all? Aquarius is an air sign, so Pluto in Aqua will be about new ideals, societies, humane behaviours, new minds. Yes, it will also involve the neverending conversations about AI and robots and new mixed DNA. But this is not the focus of what we are heading towards.

After 250 years, Pluto rekindles its affair with the collective, forecaster sign of Aquarius, while aiming to bring individual and societal transformation to our lives and structures. After dismantling old structures (Capricorn), it will ask us to build new ones based on better ideas, not hierarchies. How do we do that? Well, we look at what we’ve built and ask ourselves is this serving us, humanity, are we healthy and experiencing our superior state of being?

Here are some researched ideas about what’s possible to manifest:

  • Pluto in Aqua invites us to bring power back to the individual and collectives, while financial, greed-based systems are dismantling all over the globe. 
  • Aqua is also the fixed sign of elites, so people will definitely group in niched micro-societies with self-regulated frameworks around shared ideals and ideas. It is the time of the normal, simple people, but also of clusters of thought.
  • New leaders will rise, more thought oriented ones with a higher level of consciousness. 
  • You know me, Women Are Healing is more than a community, but a purpose, so I couldn’t have ended this article without looking at the health future in the Pluto in Aqua times.
  • Health-wise, Aqua rules the nervous system and the brain. Remember that Covid is now proven to be attacking the nervous system more than organs and tissue. So a nervous system and chakra work routine in place will definitely help you in the long run. Let me be straight with you, even WHO announced recently that 1 in 3 people will suffer from serious mental health issues over the next years and decades. And the first studies on the effects of vaccines indicate the vast amount of nervous system imbalances provoked by these substances.
  • There is the real need for healers (of all modalities) to be trained in dealing with mental imbalances that cause body and soul diseases. 
  • Travel will become niched and expensive, the way of the air will not be as accessible as before. 
  • Take care of the air you breathe, the next few years will unravel the problems we all face in urban areas with pollution and illegal fires. I would recommend being on the lookout for more green space to live nearby and even small apartment air-filters. 
  • There are also talks about the human genome being modified by various substances we eat or vaccines we take. I still don’t have scientific proof of that information, but evidence-based resources will soon be released as far as I know.  

We are facing a lot of work of dismantling and creating the new. And either we like it or not, either we’re open to receiving these messages or not, this will happen. On individual levels and collective levels as well.

In the end I want to thank all my astrology teachers and specialists for guiding me towards knowledge that impacts and supports people to live better, more informed and empowered lives. 

Love you, starseeds and all,


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