Holding space for you: The House in the Sun

We all long for the light they say. There is a quote from a Romanian author that stood out to me when I began writing this newsletter. And it goes like this:

“Go out, my fair haired child and laugh in the sun so the weather gets warmer. And the weather got better with my laughter…” – Ion Creanga, Childhood Memories.

This week is special for me. As we are approaching the Christian Rebirth and the Solar Eclipse in Aries, I am blessed to introduce you to a friend’s long awaited dream. And I’ll be honest, a dream of mine too. Irina, a creative jack-of-all-trades, architect and artist, is opening her heart and seaside house to you this summer. Pia – House in the Sun is a hidden gem, a sanctuary of tranquility and beauty that nourishes souls and shelters the ones in deep need for self-love and rest. Irina and her mother Pia are two talented artists who created this temple to relax and reconnect with yourselves. Near the Sea, under the Sun.

I first experienced the healing powers of this space in the summer of 2018. After that, House in the Sun became my Home-in-the-heart and a centre for regeneration. I’ve always found refuge and solace, inspiration, regeneration, beauty and warmth between her walls. And now, these remarkable women are opening the doors to you as well. Every corner is a work of art, a unique and exquisite expression of their creativity and passion.

And this is my favourite twist for you: anytime during the day, the House is bathed in natural light, the warm rays of the Sun watching over Eforie Sud. You will be literally seen by the rays of the warm Sun any moment of the day. You will never be alone. You will be held in the palms of the universe and you will know you belong to something greater. And you will smile. I go often to this Sun space to recharge my batteries, sit with my thoughts, write, create and regain clarity on my purpose and divine path. Or just for the simple act of eating fresh figs right from the garden tree.

House in the Sun has seen many days and nights of laughter and excitement, parties and anniversaries, but also honesty, vulnerability and women hearts opening up. And now it opens up this summer to you as well. The screening process is special, and you must at first meet Irina and Pia. Contact them at piahouseinthesun@gmail.com and grant yourself the gift of this space destined for healing, right near the sea.

If you want to find me this summer, look for me @ Pia – The House in the Sun.

Until next week, thank you for being here. Your presence is why I do it. If you want to work with me or just discover more of what I do, send me a kind note: hello@roxanamarin.life / Instagram Women Are Healing. About me: Creativity & Communication Awarded Expert with 19 yrs practice ☀️ Healing modalities Guide, Practitioner & Promoter 🌼 Founder @womenarehealing 🌞 Astrologer ☀️ Artist & Arts connoisseur

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