the first leadership + growth program for artists
 is finally here! 

Artists everywhere have suffered immense loss due to the global pandemic effects and aftermath. Now more than ever, digitalization, rethinking artistic careers and repurposing artists in the new normal are paramount actions.

ROADE-RIPE is a tailored program, mixing my mentoring and creative training skills with a lot of communication experience, intuition and love for you, artists everywhere.

The 3 pillars of action.

Depending on your needs, we will focus more on one or two of the above:

1. Creative / craft

2. Career / business and communication

3. Leadership / mental strength

Phase 1

meeting in-person
or preliminary call

Phase 2

call or program in-action

Phase 3

evaluation and close-up

What are your options?


aComplete 2 to 4 month program for achieving mid to long term goals, or


b1 day Leadership + Growth dedicated LAB for developing specific creative abilities, or


cA 90 minute individual mentoring session for short term goals (+ extra audio/written recommendations)

What is your investment?

I intend to focus on your creative advancement and development. Through regular meetings, we are able to set and work towards your artistic goals. I advise you to opt for the initial introductory session so we get to know each other, to assess your current needs and discuss the process.

For long term goals, I recommend you to book a session block of either 4 or 6 sessions to allow for consistent and continuous development.

Timing, frequency & location

It will all depend on your needs and our mutually agreed plan. During these times, our sessions will be mostly online, on Google Meet or Zoom. ROADE-RIPE has no geographical boundary and addresses all arts and crafts.

What collaborators say.

Roxana is so gifted in working with people, she's an amazing leader and inspiration. She's kind and strong, full of life, she's got the energy to guide and support people go through any challenge and grow into authentic leaders. She's an artist and a teacher, I admire her empathy, compassion, creativity and drive to share her knowledge. I am inspired by her fire and her grace.

Adelina Maritiu
Personal Brand Strategist

Working with Roxana has been an absolute blessing, in the true sense of the word. She has this amazing capacity of seeing you in your true light, utilizing all your skills and qualities to further help you grow into your most authentic self. There's no 'one size fits all' concept when it comes to her approach and I believe that was what won me over: her desire to know me for who I truly am, to customize all that she brings to our training to fit even more than I ever thought I would need and to make it so that it feels like a fun game to grow myself through. All I can say is that, if you're ever stuck and don't know where to head professionally or even personally in life, she will help guide the way. And she will make it her life mission to give you all the tools you need to do so.

Ana M. Jinga
Intuitive Wellness Mentor @She Wolf Living

Roxana is one of the professionals I had a lot to learn from. Her drive, strategic thinking, solution-oriented approach and excellent capacity of resource management helped the team successfully manage key projects for our clients, as well as new business briefs. She is organized, efficient and a thorough researcher, and will not spare any efforts to get the job done.

Raluca Ursu
Employer Branding Lead: EMEA and JAPAC Oracle, former colleague

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