Written in the stars: Wolf Full Moon in Cancer

As many of my closest know, astrology is for me not only passion, but also a professional endeavour. As a woman, I am opening up to the mysteries of the world, while taking in all its magic. We are starting 2023, a 7 vibration year, on a high note: the Wolf Full Moon in Cancer, its home, will light our way into the deepest corners of our souls, relationships, choices and … things and people we need to let go of in order to become more of who we are destined to be. As this falls right into my 7th house of partnerships, I was guided to write a short incantation for you to use in your own quiet time, while sitting with the divine. Find 10 minutes for yourself. Light a white or pink candle, breathe in deeeeply for several times and then write your own petition after reading this.

Release, my love. Release all. The pain, the control, the expectations it could have been different. Use this wolf full moon to heal that hidden part of you that screams: I am here, tend to me! Tonight’s full moon is in its cancer home and emotions are all over the place these days. As women, we are called to listen to that howl of the heart and let everything go. Take a bath tonight and a soft massage. Open your heart and breathe slowly for a couple of minutes. Write on a piece of paper whatever you need to release to feel more balanced. Then burn the paper (do it safely) and throw the ashes in the air under the moonlight, just like all your worries would leave your sacred heart. Be blessed!

I am waiting for you in a safe, healing space: @womenarehealing #WomenAreHealing

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