Written in the Stars: The Nodes of Destiny are changing

I came across the story of the lunar node axis years ago. I was navigating a tough time in my life, with my business and career forced to reinvent while I was also trying to make a romantic connection work. I remember like it was yesterday, though several years have passed. Back then I was going through a redefining of the self, with the collective lunar node axis aspecting (as transit) my natal chart just like at my birth. Those months were probably when I started taking astrology more seriously and began studying it with my Canadian teacher Nadiya Shah, an incredibly savvy and wise professional. 

The Lunar Nodes have since then probably been my point of focus in any chart I pull for myself, my friends, and my clients. Frankly, if I see you are not aware of your karmic destiny and you are not integrating and practicing it everyday, I will definitely warn you that your life is not on the good, growth path. Be it on a personal level (how the karmic nodes are placed in your natal chart) or on a collective basis (what is the current global nodal axis and where it transits your natal chart), the influence of the dragon’s head (north node) and tail (south node) is crucial and unstoppable.

For me, the transit of the Nodes is the most powerful karmic endeavour. 

The Nodal Axis changes every 18-18 and a half months, going backwards and integrating the energies of opposed astro signs. The backwards journey always represents the fact that the density lies within the South Node, where the tough karmic battles and clearings are active. The North Node is the hope, the new, the forward movement that helps us get unstuck from the shit we’re purging with the South Node.

As we have transitioned into a new Nodal Axis (from Taurus-Scorpio to Aries-Libra), the shift was noticeable. I never liked the energy of this muddy earth and watery duo, especially because, as a Gemini North Node I am in deep need of freedom and movement, and I hardly tolerate fixed, constricted, dense circumstances. The past year and a half threw me in all directions, from navigating tough career waters to healing after a traumatic emotional experience and going through a life-threatening set of body illnesses almost by myself. Taurus and Scorpio really did a number on me :), just like they did 18 years ago when the same axis transited my life. 

But now as I walked courageously in the new, fire and air energy of this archetypal diade, I am sensing many things are possible. Again. For me, for all.

Just look at what the 2 signs forming this axis are and what they represent. Aries (North Node) is passion, courage, cardinal beginner, athletic and ambition-led. Libra (South Node) follows with the same cardinal energy, while adding its airy touch and increasing the fire of the North Node.

For the next 18 months, we are embracing the energy of both expired relationships and alliances dissolving and the cultivation of new beginnings.

Until January 2025, we are invited to search deep within ourselves and identify what ignites our passion and commitment and make it happen with unquestionable action. Now we have what it takes and all the support to do it our way. Right at the start of this time, the Nodal Axis makes an uncomfortable square (the most difficult astro raport) with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, but receives a trine from Venus in Leo. The universe will no longer wait for you to make up your mind, let’s put it mildly. 

Rahu (NN) is the appetite, Ketu (SN) is the place of fullness. While Rahu represents material wealth, Ketu represents spiritual vibrations that liberate the individual. Let’s take a look at how this diade of the self versus the others will reshape a particular set of areas in your life.

What are the themes of the North Node in Aries?  

Rahu is outside, the North Node is the impulse to grow, expand, adventure and chart new territories. This is the time of self-consciousness rising. Am I leading with intention or am I just moving in the direction of compromise with others? What does your soul really want to do? Explore Aries themes: strength, courage, winnings, muscularity, entrepreneurship, energy of the mind and innovation, assertiveness, thirst for life, try something new, extreme feelings and passions, magnetism, perfect bodies, primal energy, digital ID. Choose your adventure and hop on it! Libra will keep you grounded in this exploration, so that ego and recklessness don’t direct you towards unwanted results. Investments in athletic endeavours and sports competitions will definitely surge. Aries is the athlete of the zodiac so if you want to get in shape, now you have 18 months to make a plan and act on it. In medical terms, take care of your head, maybe start meditating rigorously. The Aries rules the head and you now have the potential to make meditation and mind health a habit. 

What are the themes of the South Node in Libra? 

Ketu is inside, the South Node is the place of karmic shadows, clearing and regaining self-control. Libra’s treasures will pull us back from unhealthy relationships, and this will give us more balance in the North Node journey. How we are in relation to others. What are the alliances that need to dissolve (or reconfigure) now for new ones to have the space to manifest? Who is mirroring me now and what are the parts that need to heal within me to welcome new, better people. Associations matter a lot, we are said to be the average of the 5 most intimate people in our lives. The internalised wisdom of Libra will help us not to become reckless with the Aries North Node. Be aware of past life connections or this life connections that might appear again for closure or karmic debts. Probably some of the most beautiful romantic partnerships now have fertile soil to grow especially with twin souls reconnecting in this life. Take care of your kidneys and adrenals during this time, as Libra rules these areas. 


As always, I invite you to identify and work with this energy. The difference between a happy, fulfilled life and a painful one is created by information and action. And astrology is a consciousness, symbolic tool to use during these times in particular. Think of 2004-2005, these are the years the nodes were like this in Aries-Libra. What themes and changes did you experience? Track back to those times to understand what might come up now. Remember we will not live the same experiences again. It will only be the themes. What we do with them is different, actualised. Our current level of growth, awareness and consciousness will dictate the actual manifestation of the deeds. Take a look at your birth chart (you can use astro.com) and see where Aries and Libra are placed in your 12 houses. That axis will be activated and transformed during these upcoming 18 months. 

Until next time, I wish you the energy and wisdom to move forward with courage, grit and relentless passion.

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