Written in the stars: Taurus energy is too stubborn to leave us

Oh, how hard I deal with fixed energy. I am going to be honest, it’s not easy for me to like fixed signs as a 3 times cardinal energy myself (Sun Cap, Asc Cancer, Moon Libra). I am the starter and self-starter, also more flexible (as a NN Gemini) and always cultivate freedom, movement, new challenges, courage. For me, fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aqua) can give me the impression my rhythm is too fast, changes are not something we should welcome easily and stubborn thinking is the best mindset. It was a lot for me just writing these lines here :).

But the reality is we’ve been invited to welcome, understand and cultivate fixed collective energy since the beginning of 2022 when the nodal axis moved to NN Taurus – SN Scorpio. Pluto is now in Aquarius, until June. Mars and Venus will make this summer a hot fixed and fire sauce while in Leo. Uranus shakes every system and belief until 2026, in Taurus as well. And now we are on the brink of a New Moon in Taurus (today, May 19th) while Jupiter moves its augmenting energy here until May next year. And I say wherever Jupiter goes, our attention and luck should go too.

It’s more than a stellium of Taurus energy, it’s a sign from the Gods and Mother Earth.

This New Moon is not easy to take in. We are still in the tail of an intense Scorpio Eclipse and shedding parts and people that no longer need to be at our side. And now, this happens. And it’s quite funny, as astronomically we should have experienced a New Moon in Gemini as we are preparing to step into it during this weekend. But Taurus is here to remain.

I heard a phrase this week on Instagram: when Life knocks you to the ground, remember she doesn’t want you to be buried, but to become a seed.

There will be ambitious plans, there will be a focus on building wealth and abundance and means. But there will also be the need to become stubborn in what we are called to give to this Earth, in building it block by block and step by step with the persistence of a madman/madwoman. Things will fall. People and relationships we treasure will break. But remember, whether something will crumble inside or outside you, you will be granted the means to rebuild on basis nobody will ever be able to shake or destroy again. Dig deep into the soil of your own existence and gifts and start cultivating seeds of long-term abundance. Build that stubborn mindset that you are enough to grow a crop of your dreams.

Hell, let a new Earth be your dream.

I feel like this spring-ish season of fixed energy gives us the much needed reset to understand what’s coming for us during our next years. Grounding in the realness we decide is a life well lived will always be something nobody can take away from us. So start now, start small, start, don’t stop. Cultivate your relationship with your own inside Earth, revel in the dreams you know you can build and tend to the seeds of your own life. Grow them into plants and trees and fruits and know that your crops and gardens and orchards will give back to you the much needed peace.

Here is a short list of magical info to cultivate in your energy and life, just follow the Sun and Ascendant:

  • Aries Ascendant: abundant gardens start with high self-worth
  • Taurus Ascendant: fruits ripe when we know who we truly are and act on it with integrity
  • Gemini Ascendant: nothing grows if you are still stuck on past people, memories, thoughts, karma. Let it go!
  • Cancer Ascendant: creativity flourishes when we are together; collaboration and friendship make it worthwhile; it’s who we know!
  • Leo Ascendant: if you know your purpose, make it your career; stop doing that job you just complain about; you are expected more from the Divine
  • Virgo Ascendant: old beliefs are hard to change, but once you replace them with healthy, more adaptable ones they will stick
  • Libra Ascendant: intimacy, sex, control of others are ready to be seen under a more mature lense; nobody is controlling you if you don’t let them, release and take your power back!
  • Scorpio Ascendant: the partners we choose are a reflection of our own self-worth and image; look in the mirror, cultivate more acceptance and watch how the external world realigns with your new vision
  • Sag Ascendant: work can be rewarding if you choose to build more stable grounds; put your arrow aside a bit and see how many communities around you are willing to co-create with you
  • Cap Ascendant: a child is raised by an entire village, remember that and look for support when you decide to act on your fertility (cause it is real)
  • Aqua Ascendant: you already know how your ideal home looks like, it’s now time to build it brick by brick or turn a house into a healing space
  • Pisces Ascendant: communication has always been your forte, but still you come across shady and unreliable sometimes; maybe it’s time you acted on what you say, either just keep silence.

Until the next lunation, build solid grounds in your mind, heart and body!

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