Written in the stars: Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse

We can all feel it now. And we can’t escape it. That’s the journey Scorpio takes you on whether you are ready or not. To the depths of your hell and inner demons. So that you see them, face them and make peace with them. The shadow lives in you just like the light. Making the balanced dough is necessary to live life with less suffering and control, while pursuing joy with an open heart. Until you go up, you must descend. That’s how Jesus did it too, right?

As we are closing this season of eclipses with tomorrow’s Full Moon in Scorpio, so do the lessons Taurus-Scorpio brought to us through collective Nodes (North-South) over the past 1.5 years. While Solar Eclipses deal with exterior factors, Lunar Eclipses are meant to activate our inside more. Whatever needs to be released now will breaks the doors and windows of your life if you will not let them leave in peace. The Universe only needs you to clear the space for what’s to come.

Unfortunately, the Scorpio release is always brutal, scaring.

And now it’s potent and intense because the configuration of tension with oppositions: South Node close to the Full Moon (Scorpio energy – emotions), North Node, Uranus, Sun and Mercury Rx (Taurus energy – resources) and Pluto fresh in Retrograde season. This Taurus – Scorpio axis has done so much for us all during the past years, while starting its work in January 2022. Rearranging how we value resources while releasing old patterns and spiritual beliefs that keep us in the dark more than in the sun. The fixed energy of this Eclipse is like a week of breaking and shattering. Once we understand what needs to go, then space is made for the better.

I am writing this short essay while in the midst of yet another personal and professional crisis while I am also preparing to welcome so many blessings on the other end. The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse falls on the 5th day of the 5th month at 14 degrees of Scorpio. This is completely dedicated to number 5 – known as bringer of constant change.

The Sabian Symbol correlated with 14 degrees of Scorpio is – “Children Playing with 5 Mounds of Sand.”

They represent our freedom to explore and expand our higher mind. As the children play, they learn, develop, use their imagination, and integrate into the world around them. 5 is a number of change, creativity, imagination, and play. 5 is also connected to the elements- earth, air, fire, water, and ether. In astrology, the 5th house is associated with the sign of Leo, love, romance, our children, and the things we do for fun. A bit from my personal boudoir, 5 is my birth vibration (numerology) and this Eclipse is aspecting my natal 5th house.

Let me just say it’s only uphill from where we are now. Allow whatever comes to come, and allow whatever goes to go.

I usually pinpoint the areas of life for each Sun + Ascendant, but now I think everybody can feel this energy intense. And I am tired while processing a handful of emotions and subconscious dirt. Identify where Scorpio (and Taurus) reside in your birth chart and play with it, release, surrender. You have no control now. We are powerless. Brace it, this powerless part is also a strong one of you!

Until the next New Moon, I am here, around, feeling as intense as you.

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