Written in the stars: Sag Full Moon – mild and wild

I am writing this short essay with my feet in the sand and my sea in my eyes, close to House in the Sun. Up until this week, I was deep into transition mode, having the (extra) feels after Eclipse season and the Cosmic Cross in all the fixed signs. More bluntly, I was shedding yet more difficult layers of the soul while grasping and clenching to the new, the future, the possible, the deserved. This is how this new lunation has caught up with me: in deep transition. I had to put a stop to a psycho-therapeutic process for the moment. The pain was too deep and my life was exploding on all levels. Sometimes we are strong and we face the pain, other times we are permitted to run. Run to a safer, more calm ground, a homey spot of reassurance life is happening for us, not to us. From which the repositioning might be easier, milder, wilder.

This Full Moon (Lunation) has reached its climax 2 days ago. And be aware, each full moon is felt a couple of days before the climax and afterwards. If you are honest with yourself, changes have already started moving you towards newer horizons.

Sag archetype is actually the arrow pointing towards Antares, the heart of Scorpio, one of the royal fixed stars from Persian wisdom.

The fiery red and emerald green star in the Heart of the Scorpion took its name from the Ancient Greek Άντάρης, which means anti-Ares, or the rival of Mars. It is associated with intense, evil, war, lies, manipulations and destructive behaviours. But war is not the only outlet for the symbolism of Antares, as it indicates just as often the individual’s great store of energy and optimism to undertake ventures which others could not attempt. According to the planets involved, and the house on the horoscope where Antares is found, such ventures can include anything from sports achievements and exploration of Antarctica or the Moon to diplomacy of the most hazardous kind or scientific research at the extremes of human knowledge and ability. 

This full moon is about that: after isolation, here comes expansion and the out there. Sag wants more, always, all the time. We might think Scorpio can be devious, but Sag is even more. Sag is governed by Jupiter, the great fortune-bringer, but also the great trickster. Jupiter is now in stubborn Taurus where he helps redefine your resources and luck, but only if you put in the (hard) work. Sag is a transpersonal archetype, always on the look out for both exploration and knowing, but also judgement. Of the self, of others. The more we know, the less judgemental we should become. After you’ve searched the depths of your inner psyche, you need outside expansion and learning and exploration that is no longer inside of you.

I believe a lunation is just nature’s way to show us transitions in life. Full Moons request for release, so that New Moons can express themselves freely. The Full Moon in Sag is the first quasi-positive manifestation after the hard energy of this spring’s eclipse season. But it is as powerful as ever. And she requires sacrifice. Expansion starts with clearing out space or the way ahead. So, I am asking you now, when looking in your heart of hearts, what do you need to release now in order to expand? What do you need to let behind so that you move on? For inspiration, you might use the current Solar power in Gemini.

Until the next lunation, I am sending you artefacts of healing and good vibes from a place beyond my beloved sea.

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