Written in the stars: New Moon in Pisces

It’s not a surprise that this new moon happening tonight is one of my favourites of 2023. 

I love new moons as symbols of hope for better futures and of self-empowerment as we are invited to answer: what do you wish to create or attract for the next 6 months? (the lunar cycle begins at a new moon and ends at the full moon – so you see this new moon in pisces really closes during the full moon in pisces next September) 

And I love Pisces. If I were to choose another sign, I would choose the watery realms of Neptune. My midheaven is in Pisces (also placed in my 9th house or spirituality and beliefs), so I am both blessed and also forced to believe, exist and work in the spiritual realm more than I am ready sometimes. Pisces was also the Sun sign of my father and yes, of some of the most important former partners or lovers. My connection with the 2 fish is so embodied in my DNA that my name actually means sunrise over the sea. 

And I love that this is happening on a Moon Day (Monday). So now you have to believe me when I say this new moon in Pisces has a truly spiritual transformative and ethereal flavour to it. As it starts the last sign season, closing the astrological year with a bang, this new moon has a tough ace to swallow. Saturn is close by, as the lord of karma prepares its ingress in Pisces the following week, for 2,5 years. So you see, the planet of grounding and time and  manifestation enters the sweet realm of dreams and illusions, ready to shatter the nonsense and materialize the wishes that are worthy. 

So I ask you: what are the illusions you need to let go of at the end of this 12 month cycle? How can you surrender while being grounded in your choice of letting go? What are the dreams that you need to make reality? It’s such a powerful time now to set this intention, to clear obstacles, to ask for Divine guidance but grounding it in your own, inner Deum. I chose this photo to illustrate the story. In my own Capricorn/Cancer asc mind, it shows how Saturn blends with Pisces to form a powerful manifestor for worthy dreams and ideas. Just like the Saturnian black hair paint (I am a natural blonde) strengthened my personality and Piscean blue eyes. So go on, explore the dreams that you are now called to seed into reality. How this new moon unveils for the sun signs (check the info for your ascendant as well) with practical, Saturnian ideas for you:

  • For Aries: this new moon pours into you 12th house of letting go and release, also the place for divine communication and seclusion, retreats. How about going on a retreat during the next 6 months? Saturn will make it happen fast if you want to. Plan the seeds now! 
  • For Taurus: who are your real, dependable, reliable, supportive friends and groups? If you lack them, create them, ground them, make your own “church”. Start a community on your own and invite people to join in. You know how they days it: if you make it, they will come. 
  • For Gemini: do you have multiple careers at the same time? Decide on the most valuable, purposeful one and build on that. We know you can actually do it all, but aren’t you tired of that? What is your true calling? If in darkness, try a career coach to extract the best out of your potential. 
  • For Cancer: when crab grow, they need to break their shell; for a limited time they are very vulnerable until the new shell grows to protect them; what are your beliefs that no longer resonate with who you are becoming? Remember you are protected by the Divine and held in its palm until you figure it out. Not a bad time to invite a mentor to guide you through the dark night.
  • For Leo: well now, this new moon is darkening an intense place in your life – your subconscious 8th house. The place where you lose power, where you want or lose control, where you still show dependency. Let go, let go of that need to consume others. Shadow work at least for a couple of months would be advised. Read that Jung, buy a tarot deck, experiment with your inner Lilith/Darth Vader. 
  • For Virgos: well now, Virgos are sharing the same axis with Pisces; similar archetypes but with different manifestations. This new moon says: are your partnerships and contracts and serious relationships good enough for your growth? Is there something you are not seeing? At the end of the day, you are the sum of the few people you spend most of your time with. A serious, Saturnian outlook on who is molding with your life is now favourable.
  • For Libras: daily work and health and routines. It’s no wonder that the house of illness is also the house of work/colleagues. This is a house in which even the mighty Sun is falling, so should be treated with extreme care and gentleness. I’m not saying you should quit your job during the next 6 months, but is it making you happy? Do you have a healthy routine and environment? If not, meditation will guide you towards such outcomes. Remember, meditation is the free flow of intuition from the divine into your body and energy. And it also balances you, the unbalanced Libra.  
  • For Scorpios: the 5th house of creativity, sexuality and inner child is a pivotal one; if you were to list all your creative ideas for projects or endeavours right now, what would be the most achievable ones? Trust this new moon to give you the first steps on the road. Your fellow water sign gives you a nudge. 
  • For Sags: you are always thinking about other places, other realms, you are the anywhere but here archetype. But you need to understand that wherever you go, you carry the home you came from. If you are at peace with that, no travel will ever feel like running, but only as a journey of discovery. How about returning to your real (or even) inner home for a while and do a solid check-up? 
  • For Cappies: you’re having such a stellar moment; Pluto is finally preparing to let you off its tight grip, Saturn is finally entering in a more positive sign for you. And still, you are so tired of the past 14 years. The lessons, the troubles, the obstacles. You were forged in deep emotional fires and now you are ready to lead the world into its new age. I am in awe of so many fellow cappies out there. Going through it in silence was the hardest. But no more. This new moon gives you the right and power to tell all what you’ve been through and how you conquered and mastered (Saturn) it all. How about making that website, blog, podcast, platform and sharing everything you experienced? You are a MENTOR to us all. 
  • For Aquas: your sunny reign is over, now switching to a more emotional, not mind-driven place. This new moon sheds darkness on your 2nd house of self-worth, abundance. You are just being prepared for the bigger ingress of Pluto for the next 20 years or so. And you are letting go of Saturn. For real, Saturn asks you: did you learn your worth? individually and collectively, you are the sign leading us into the new Age of Aquarius. The only practical thing is to invite you to search for materials on the Age of Aquarius, we expect a lot from you! 
  • For Pisces: my sweet, sweet piscean souls, you are so soft and yet bruised by this world we are now living in. You feel so much to the core. And now Saturn is ready to walk all over your gentle nature and declutter your mind, your body and your identity of anything that is delusional. In the Pisces realm we are all embracing our subconscious and polarity. What will you choose now that Saturn is starting its mature descent into your neptunian waters? For all you Piscean Saturn ones, the next 2,5 years will mean your maturity, as Saturn return will make you men and women out of boys and girls. Needless to say this new moon is just a stardust of what’s to come for you in the next years. 

Be blessed! @WomenAreHealing

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