Written in the stars: New Moon in Gemini, Saturn Rx and the advent of the Summer Solstice

What a powerful couple of days ahead of us! The energy shift is quite significant, as we are both welcoming a New Moon in airy Gemini, watching Saturn retrograde in Pisces for the first time in the past 30 years and preparing to navigate through the watery season of Cancer with the Summer Solstice waving her hand to us. These days are packed with energy, realisations, illusions, stark reality check-ups and all the emotions we can think of to regulate. And its the last Gemini air bend before letting go of the wheel to emotional Cancer.

The New Moon in Gemini happens June 17th to 18th and she enables us to get back to this idea of community, sisterhood, collaboration, education, learning. The intellect will be heightened as our communication chakra will be lightened up.

How do we want to be seen or heard? What are the new ideas or ventures that we want to welcome and work on and manifest on? Who are the ones we want to collab with and maybe where do we want to expand our network? What gossips we hear or encourage?

The airy feel to these 2 days are inviting us to focus more on this element: AIR. Ideas, movement, no grasping, only fluidity. Gemini is a light archetype, it brings us expansion through new people, information, learning. It is masculine, cheerful and not-judgemental, easy to handle. So one might think this is a New Moon to go through with ease. But there’s a watery catch to this. Gemini is an easy to influence sign/archetype by a more powerful force/energy. This new moon in Gemini is speaking in a conversation of tension (square) with Neptune in Pisces. And it is actually preceding by hours the entrance of Saturn in retrograde in Pisces.

So you see, there’s not so much air as it is water that commands our energy now.

Neptune in Pisces makes these energies as the watery, deep oceans. We might get new ideas, but we don’t know what we are going to do with them. We might meet new and exciting people, but we still don’t know if we want to walk a common path with them. Be careful and ask yourself: what should I trust from all these promises I am getting from the people around me? Take everything with a grain of salt. And with your eyes opened at max.

A stark reality check (Saturn Rx) and a lot of illusions (Neptune in Pisces) are steering the energy of this New Moon into a more pivotal moment for all of us.

Saturn in Pisces ask us: what is actually real in your life? what’s the place where we take responsibility and what’s the space where you need to let go of your faith in the hands of someone higher? Saturnian lessons are always the harder ones and invite us to work with ourselves to our advantage. Healthy maturity is important, taking responsibility for your happiness is important. We have the upcoming months to travel through this underworld with Saturn (and Pluto, already retrograde in Cap). Take a look at the world around you, at your connections, your communities, your relationships. Where do you gain energy and where do you loose it? Remember, in this process, it is not your responsibility to act on someone else’s triggers. Differentiate from what is yours and what is theirs.

This is a moment that is starting a new journey for us, the one which will ask us to get rid of (Saturn) everything that is not soothing our soul (Pisces). Find truth (Saturn) in beauty (Pisces) could be another take on it. The spiritual love concept becomes much more important as this is actually a self-love first kind of approach.

As per medical astrology, I would advise you to practice more breathing and meditation throughout these days. Breathe more, react less. The Gemini are protecting the lungs, the air we welcome into our life. And as we all know, breath is life. Going through emotions is never easy, but if we practice the objective reality, things get easier.

Take care, breathe more, make promises to yourself mostly and observe what’s manifesting around you. Welcome the Cancer season with a smooth mind. You are already everything you want.

My love to you,


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