Written in the stars: New Lunar Year & Aqua New Moon

Time for that New Moon in Aquarius. And a new beginning for us. A real start of 2023. I love New Moons as my womanhood is deeply in tune with this lunation phase. New Moons are seeds of hope, but also intimate times with our fears and wounds. It is in the dark (of the Moon) that strong women are forged. Today we enter a New Lunar Year and we prepare for the Chinese New Year starting tomorrow. Each of the signs will respond differently to this super Moon:❤️ Aquarius: what is the new facet of your soul?🖤 Pisces: what is a new layer of your karma you want to release?💙 Aries: New Friends💛 Taurus: New career 🖤 Gemini: New spiritual connection❤️ Cancer: New people to become resources, New intimacy thoughts 💙 Leo: New partnership 💛 Virgo: New healing routine, New colleagues 🖤 Libra: rejuvenation of your creativity and sexual potential 💙 Scorpio: New home foundation❤️ Sag: New travels or ideas 🖤 Capricorn: Self worth rejuvenation, money and resources

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