Written in the stars: Hybrid Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries

I feel it in the air and yes, in the changes in my life already. The Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Aries, the second of the Aries season.

This Solar Eclipse is a special one: a hybrid combination of a total eclipse and an annular eclipse (known as "the ring of fire"). Hybrid Eclipses are incredibly rare and can suggest a transition or perhaps a shift between two worlds. 

But there is something more important that caught my attention. The Eclipse is happening April 19/20th at the 29 degree, the famous anaretic, which some astrologers call it the “Fate Degree”. Some consider it malefic, I consider it a normal part of life and of the ebb and flow of our not-so-perennial existence. And it’s simple to understand why. Each sign travels for 30 degrees, with the 0 and 30 degrees being split with the fellow nearby signs.

The 29 degree is the most intense, the highest conscious manifestation of that sign/archetype, the culmination of a planet traveling through that sign/archetype, with all its lessons and revelations. With such a powerful Eclipse on this highly charged point, this indicates a karmic event or destiny that is unfolding.

So you understand why now, this Solar Eclipse feels like a deep understanding of the past being ultra-consumed and our ways being cleared forcefully for what’s to come. Solar Eclipses tend to eclipse out things, situations or people out of our lives. Whether we want it or not, the Universe wants us to move forward. There is no staying still.

Eclipses are powerful times of revelations.

They shake up our world and show us things we’d rather not see but need to become aware of to evolve. With the 29 degree, the Eclipse speaks about energetic, warrior-type endings. You will see whatever or whoever holds you down. This eclipse shows you what has already ended in your life but you haven’t accepted yet. But the New Moon adds on a new beginning, full of passion and hope. It’s both an ending and a preview of a more luminous future. Aries rules both phenomenons so in medical astrology terms, our heads will be filled with tension and we need to take more care of the nervous system. Breathing, connecting with nature, sleep, meditation and most of all, forgiveness towards whatever is happening right now.

Remember: this too shall pass.

This solar eclipse also squares Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto rules the cycles of our life, including our trauma, healing, and rebirth. As the energy affects you on this eclipse, feel the next phase of your life developing in front of you, even if you’re not ready for it. Ask yourself what needs to heal for you to step into your next level of existence.

Say yes to yourself first. Now.

The Moon and Sun also fall almost conjunct with Jupiter in Aries, preparing to step into Taurus in May. This is definitely a time of expanded intensity and release, so that you are reborn. Pieces of your energy will leave your energetic body, while inviting new levels to settle in.

The Solar Eclipse is also speaking volumes to what’s to come astrologically in the next years. The (collective) Nodes will change axis in July, going to NN Aries – SN Libra. And this moment in time is a minor energy preview of the transitions in our lives, depending on the natal area where the axis falls. The areas the Solar Eclipse + New Moon will touch depending on Sun and Rising signs:

  • Aries: identity, physical body, the mask we wear in the world, energy levels
  • Taurus: karma, karmic debt, relationship with the Divine, mental patterns or conditionings
  • Gemini: communities we belong, groups we want to be part of
  • Cancer: career, place in the world, highest manifestation of your purpose
  • Leo: relation with the divine, long journey, high-level studies, beliefs
  • Virgo: intimacy, power and control that others have over you, the money you are owed
  • Libra: partnerships, relationships that are longstanding and meaningful, how you relate to others
  • Scorpio: daily routines, health/sickness, pets, colleagues
  • Sag: sexual expression, creativity, kids, joy, playfulness, imagination
  • Cap: home, relationship with the nurturing parent, the home you have or the home you want to have and build (inside or outside you)
  • Aqua: studies, siblings, the neighbourhood, communication with others
  • Pisces: self-worth, the money we earn

Until the next astro-article, take care and be mindful of what’s changing now.


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