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Dear women, Women Are Healing is a space for women healers and women looking for healing modalities and guides. From now on, my thoughts and ideas for optimising our lives will also be part of a specially curated newsletter on roxanamarin.substack.com. I invite you to subscribe to my substack, as the newsletters will not be accessed otherwise. A short summary will also follow here, for all my readers on roxanamarin.life.

What is my healing-centred women community: Women Are Healing? Oh, did you notice the twist? I do believe that we as women are both healers and in need of healing. And what’s a better place than a community built on love, values and compassion. WAH is a safe space. I am showing up from an authentic, committed and empowered place. I have been on various, transformative and to be honest, painful healing journeys since childhood. Now as an experienced woman, the time has come for me to guide you on your own healing path. 

I have tested numerous modalities, tools and information on my own or in the presence of masters, teachers and guides. Everything shared here is taken from my own experience and trials. This is my genuine gift for you. 

My purpose is to contribute with hands-on, practical advice and information and most of all shortcuts that work efficiently to transform your life into a health-centred, wellness-first experience. My articles are valuable gateways towards WomenAreHealing.co, my community for women and women healers, about to sprung soon.

What will you find on roxanamarin.substack.com? In a nutshell: travels, communication, arts, creativity, ideas, trends, astrology, technology, science, tools, modalities – all serving the same thing: women’s healing and life optimising while remaining active. 

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