When in Portugal…creativity flourishes and mind opens to new ideas, connections, possibilities.

This upcoming week, April 23rd to April 30th, I am returning with heart open and mind ready to be bend to Lisbon, Portugal. I haven’t been in this energy for sometime now (2008) and I am extremely curious to see how the place has changed, evolved, reimagined itself.

My hopes and enthusiasm for new professional beginnings, as a creative communication expert and life optimising strategist are ON. I have been going through a lot (and still there) of changes and transitions on all levels and as always, will use this occasion to bloom into a better, more actualised version of me. And I will be wearing, as always a lot of professional hats.

My immersive journey in Portugal will be an eclectic one.

I will blend attending Running Remote – the most important and effervescent events on the future of work opportunities, models and thinking in Europe – with a couple of days of relaxing and unwinding near Lisbon, in the company of loving, smart people. For Running Remote I will be joined by 3 powerhouse women professionals, in a mixed and eclectic ensemble of energies, knowledge, experiences, as future-vision leaders. Alina Stefan (VC aficionada and start-up advisor) Ruxandra Cord (AI + future of work in the perfect cord.ai blend) Irina Deaconu (future of work architect). I am proud to say I know you and to have also worked with you in multiple mixes. Thanking Egor Borushko and his team for having included us so fast, so beautifully, so organic in the event ecosystem. And I am so excited to meet in person a couple of extraordinary lumineers also joining the conference this next week: RoRemote (She/Her) Running Remote 🇵🇹Lavinia Iosub (Yo-soob)Gonçalo HallDaphnée Laforest and so many more.

The world is our workplace. Better teams are built today.

This conference is a wonderful opportunity for me and colleague Irina Deaconu to share the Work Retreat vision for a healthier, more productive work-life future. Work Retreat is one of the most fulfilling creative endeavours I have ever been part of, and a unique solution for remote and hybrid teams in search for reconnection and creativity. Watch the story below.


After closing the rapid pace of the conference days I will be exploring the nearby areas of Lisbon and greater Portugal, as the perfect experience for me is rather work and relaxation intertwined. Until next time, thank you for being here. If you want to work with me or just discover more of what I do, send me a kind note: hello@roxanamarin.life.

About me: Creativity & Communication Awarded Expert with 19 yrs practice ☀️ Founder and Life Optimising Strategist at Women Are Healing 🌼 Healing modalities Guide, Practitioner & Promoter 🌞 Artist & Arts connoisseur

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