Boa Lisboa

I love how the sound of this city is actually feminine. Like a melody. Like Mother Earth. Like the beating heart of a woman when she pulls you close to her.

Lisboa is LOVE more than any other city I’ve traveled to.

This week I found Lisboa with a much lighter energy. I walked on her streets and marvelled at things I didn’t see or sensed back in 2008. That’s when I first visited her cobbled streets near the cold Northern Atlantic. I worked for a couple of days. I met and networked with exciting remote professionals changing the future of work around the world at #RunningRemote 2023. I walked barefoot in beautiful gardens and marvelled for hours in miradores. I was contained by wonderful men and women who took care of us along the way with generosity and strong presence. I climbed old trees like a child. I laughed a lot with my fellow women (and men) and had meaningful and honest and tangible conversations around our relation with life, work, men, dreams over a cup of wine and close to Ponte 25 Abril. I walked on her beaches and smooth sand. I took only a few photos, I wanted to be present, in the moment.  

This is what life does to you when you believe again. This is what Lisboa does to you when you walk barefoot on her roots and abandon your tired heart to her energy.

She brings you back to the life that was meant for you. She opens your heart even if you’ve built strong walls and said you would never trust again.

Just like a warm woman’s arms, she takes you close and looks into your eyes with presence, unconditional love and a smile that reassures you are OK where you are, just like you are. Boa Lisboa, you bring us back to life. 

We are so lucky when we get to experience a foreign place like a second home. It’s sometimes funny, other times sad, but my authentic roots are always on foreign land, never in Romania. And there is also an explanation for that. In astrology we call this shifting energy and karma depending on where you travel: astro-cartography

As I always use my own example, my travel to Lisbon activated my Uranus – Descendant Line. And there’s a very short fragment of the info you get if you explore this: “This is the dawning of renewal in the area of interpersonal relations. You look for and find connections with unusual people, whose circle of influence is extensive. Those people, with whom you had no contact in the past, create change and revive your private as well as professional life.” Curious enough to discover more? Then check -> astro click travel -> add your birth chart details and then select an area you want to travel to. See how it blends or activates your inner qualities, subconscious mind and past lives karma. 

As this is a special edition from far away lands that I love, I leave you with a couple of personal photos, in the hope that my feelings (and wishes) transcend through the lens straight to your heart.

I hope you all find that place where you believe again. Search for it, find it, appreciate it, stick to it. 

Thank you: Irina, Alina, Ruxandra, Veronika, Edelson, Andrei, Egor, Daryl. Your names and gifts and moments we shared will always be in my heart very close to Boa Lisboa.  

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