Be more like water. Live more near water.

The idea of water as a symbol of transformation thus evolution, is common across mythologies. Fragments from the Genesis refer to the rise of the conscious human mind, human awareness being pulled from the deeps of a mythological ocean of subconscious animal instinct. The Christian practice of baptism involves full immersion or a light sprinkling of water to represents a psychological rebirth into the faith. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus floats at the boundary of the water and the air after rising up out of the muck of the pond revealing a beautiful flower. In Hinduism, Vishnu sleeps, floating on the celestial ocean as he dreams the dream of the world. Flood stories abound oddly coincidental with cultural shifts in human history.

The metaphor of water is used throughout mythology, religion, and art to symbolize a psychological transformation in characters or to express a dive into elements of the subconscious mind. Both scientists and mystics argue for it. Wouldn’t you try it too?

So go on, get your feet wet once in a while.

pics from private collection. fotographer: Irina Stinghe

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