Being more intentional about your future(self)

I’ve always been keen on setting goals both in my professional and personal life. And most of the times I reached them. It took me though 36 years to understand that reaching the goal is not the actual target. Setting it with a clear mind, honesty and intentionality is. Building a Future Self is not an easy process. It requires authenticity, patience, re-evaluation of self-values, grounded imagination and practicality. You need to understand it is an evolutionary journey first of all, as we are a constant work in progress. It is about your self, just like it’s about those around who you will impact. Because you have so much power of manifesting, you also have responsibility to do it the right way. 2020 is probably the best time to re-imagine your Future Self. If you have any challenge with where to start, check the 2 sources below and do your exercise now.

An inspiring TED Talk from Harvard psychologist Dr. Daniel Gilbert. Benjamin Hardy has a good recipe as well.

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