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This is a rather special moment I have thanks to my friend and guide Lavinia Badea Astrolov. This is my (brand new video) conversation with her fro Astrolov Podcast. We centred around astrology and feminine energy and power as well as other complementary themes. And you know me, it’s practical all the way. For me astrology is the symbolic science that guides my everyday working with women.

I am honoured to have been invited in the studio where some of my beloved teachers and mentors have been. Thank you Lavinia for making this possible. Even though I am closing the year and getting more into my intuitive, introspective mood and preparing to slow down for a holiday, she managed to convince me to come out of the feminine creative cave and speak my truth. For whom it may concern, of course. 🙂



PS: I am sorry to my English speaking audience, I can provide the video with subtitles, but send me a private message.

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