A personal note on Valentine’s Day

🌹 The world doesn’t lack love. It lacks self-love. This was me loving the other more. Almost 3 years ago, my thoughts and wishes and smiles and actions went more often for the other one’s benefit. It satisfied me to live like that, being fulfilled indirectly through sacrifice and posing as the perfect victim whenever I was rejected or hurt. But I was wrong and in time, my energy got depleted. My heart broken with nobody to superglue it back. I was then forced to look within, dig deep into the subconscious and peel softly the layers of self abandonment. Where do we women forget ourselves? Why do we do it so often? Why do we expect others to see us, nurture us, save us, love us or thank us? Our existence is so short and the only one we need to truly love without boundaries is ourselves. Our infinite, magical, feminine selves. It is only then the universe around us will reflect back the love we offer freely to our hearts.

❣️ Today and everyday, choose you. Today and everyday, love all your parts, light and dark. Today and everyday, love the other one a bit less than you love yourself.

@womenarehealing 💋 roxanamarin.life

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